Shannon was my doula for my first birth and will hopefully be for the next. She was absolutely amazing. With it being my first birth and pregnancy I had many questions. She was always very quick to answer with evidence based information. I could not have done it without her. I had a 30 hour posterior birth with back labor. Her technique to counteract the back labor saved me from having to go to the hospital to have a c-section!! She was super caring and helpful throughout my whole pregnancy!! Highly recommend! We love and miss you!!

Breana S.

Shannon was with us the first night we came home from the hospital & was with us for a few months.  It was comforting to know our son was in caring hands.  She helped us navigate as new parents, since we had no idea what we were doing.  She also gave us the confidence and reassurance that we were doing a good job.  Shannon has played a significant part of our lives and I hope to stay in touch.  We are so grateful to know her!

Gina G.

Pregnancy, birth and the months that follow can bring so many different challenges into our lives and can birth many uncertainties and fears. Going through this major life changing moment alone can be terrifying! But, instead of fear I was blessed with having Shannon in my life as my doula! The genuine caring, love, support and knowledge you gave greatly surpassed my expectations! When I had no one, you were there and having you by my side in the operating room to do a c-section had calmed my anxiety which in turn allowed me to experience the joy of my newborn coming into this world!! I know that anyone who is considering you as their doula would be blessed beyond Measure!! You made it easy! Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my babies!

Lindsey M.

Shannon is the best doula anyone could ever ask for! She is so kind and really listened to my wishes. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be by my side before/during/after childbirth (besides my other half) I HIGHLY recommended her for your doula needs! She’s more than a doula though she is now a really good friend.

Kayla S.

Having Shannon as our postpartum doula was such a blessing!! After waiting a few weeks we decided that what we most needed was food in order to free us up to care for our baby, yet still have a nutritious meal. Shannon had so many healthy recipes for us to choose from, where they could be frozen and then cooked when we needed them. I ultimately chose three recipes and bought the ingredients for Shannon to come over and prepare. She came over and not only did a wonderful job with meal prep, she left my kitchen completely spotless. The freezer meals were all perfectly packaged and labeled, and placed neatly in my freezer. In addition to healthy, they were delicious! We were so grateful to have an easy healthy meal, and are thankful for Shannon’s skills, kindness and care!! It certainly made a big difference during a time that we needed any extra time we could get! Thank you, Shannon!! 

Cynthia C.